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Helmer Reenberg: ‘The 1963 Meeting in Jack Ruby’s Apartment’

January 17, 2015

Helmer Reenberg_ ‘The 1963 Meeting in Jack Ruby’s Apartment’Source:Helmer Reenberg– This is about Jack Ruby and a meeting that he had in his apartment, perhaps about the JFK assassination.

Source:The New Democrat 

“Assassination of John F. Kennedy, mortal shooting of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, as he rode in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. His accused killer was Lee Harvey Oswald, a former U.S. Marine who had embraced Marxism and defected for a time to the Soviet Union. Oswald never stood trial for murder, because, while being transferred after having been taken into custody, he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby, a distraught Dallas nightclub owner.”

From Britannica

“Three attorneys and two newsmen met in Jack Rubys apartment in Oak Cliff sunday evening, November 24th 1963, after Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Bill Hunter, Long Beach Independent Press Telegram and Jim Koethe, Dallas Times Herald interviewed George Senator. Also there was the attorney Tom Howard. Earlier that day Senator and Howard had both visited Jack Ruby in jail. That evening Senator arranged for Koethe, Hunter and Howard to search Ruby’s apartment. What happened in the appartment and what did they see or find?”

From Helmer Reenberg

Apparently there was a meeting in Jack Ruby’s apartment in the Dallas area the day after the JFK assassination. And even if we do know who was at that meeting, we don’t know what that meeting was about. Only the people there know and at least one of them is dead, that being Jack Ruby.

Here’s what we do know: Jack Ruby knew Lee Oswald prior to killing Oswald. Ruby not only had associates who did work for the Italian Mafia and perhaps other organized criminal gangs in Dallas. Oswald hated Jack Kennedy, the Mafia hated Jack Kennedy and Ruby was one of their associates and killed one of the men who knows most of it not the whole story surrounding the JFK assassination.

Which leaves people including myself to speculate do we know everything about this assassination and how many people exactly were involved. Did Lee Oswald have help, or was he by himself.

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